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Libraries and Copyright

Host Evening — 3rd March 2011



What does copyright mean in your library?  How much can you copy?

What is a reasonable proportion of a book, or an article in a magazine or newspaper?

How long does copyright last? Are all items copyright? Can I copy an article for another library?

Can I make a copy to preserve a book?

What important issues do our users need to know about copyright?

How many copies can you make of the same chapter?

Can you make enough copies for a whole class? For all senior managers?

What are the issues for special libraries?

Do academic and school libraries have the same issues?

What are the responsibilities of public library staff?


Don’t know …?  Want to find out …?


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Speaker: Kathy Moore, Copyright and IP Officer at the University of the South Pacific

When: Wednesday 3rd March - 5:30-7:00pm

Where: Library Conference room (Library, Laucala campus, University of the South Pacific)






For RSVP and more information please contact:

Francis ALI - 3223-245  - francis@rbf.gov.fj

Savu Tawake – 3307588 – info@ecrea.org.fj


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